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Getting Started with Virtual Events

No, fairs have also included L&D Fairs / townhalls / internal mobility recruitment / talent pool ‘keep warm’ activities, onboarding

From 2-4 weeks depending on complexity and customisation requirements. Contact Us for more information

Your self-service options will give you access to a number of present options and templates, with opportunities to customize areas like your registration form. Your Bespoke fairs will be a guided proves with our Sales & Customer Success team, which will include a variety of options for fair customization and optimization in both design and function – a fair built for purpose. To know more about our Bespoke solutions, please contact our sales team.

Event Main

Unless requested otherwise, hosting will be on an AWS Server in Singapore.

There are no limits. Ensuring the accuracy of your visitor assumptions of guest numbers is key, as underestimating this can result in poor performance of the event due to insufficient bandwidth. Contact Us for more information.

Depends on the number of openings and guest-size. As a standard, every booth hosts up to 5 but we can increase this number on an event, by event basis as required by client. For more details, visit our package table “See All Features”.

Event Data

Typically the event portal will remain open for 1-2 weeks (depending on your chosen period), this timeline will be referenced in the pricing and quotation. Contact Us for more information.


Virtual Event Charts and data in csv are available for download from the start till the end of the fair

Event Support

All users will receive FAQ and other guides as needed. Bespoke options also include a live training by SeeMeEvents staff with all exhibitors and organisers. Exhibitors and organisers will also receive guides highlighting best practices. SeeMeEvents Technical staff will be available during the fair to support any technical issues. Contact Us for more information.

Event Best Practices

Event Organisers should do pre-marketing for the event about 1 month before the event goes live. For more tips, download our playbook.

Preparing a registration form customised to your business needs is crucial to ensuring a successful event. For more tips, download our playbook.

Clients are encouraged to upload videos and animated GIFs when possible as they provide a more engaging and interactive environment. For more tips, download our playbook.

It is important to have a full run through of the virtual event environment, including the booths and the chat functionalities days before the go live day. First impressions count and the last thing you want are attendees to visit an incomplete booth. For more tips, download our playbook.

For the best online experience, do ensure that all other windows and applications are closed to optimise network connection and bandwidth. For more tips, download our playbook.

SeeMeCV provides organisers with a comprehensive reporting suite of data. Analysing these data will help improve and drive better visitor experiences for future events. For more tips, download our playbook.

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Features Small Medium Large Mega Bespoke
Our Fairs
Pre-Event Days

For booth, Profile setup etc. Default is 10 days

Post-Event Days

For downloading/exporting of reports. Default is 10 days

Standard Virtual Fair Environment

Exhibitor Hall, Networking Lounge, Auditorium (With Vimeo Livestream), Resource Centre, Concierge/Info Desk)

Standard Booth Setup

5 Users and 5 Chatrooms per booth

Customisation of Attendee Registration Form


Live Training for Exhibitors

Up to 1.5hrs

FAQ & Users Guides
Access to Real-Time Event Analytics
Post Event Debrief by Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Vanity URL


Premium Add-ons
Premium Booths

Includes 2 Premium Designs. One-time purchase

Additional Booths

In Increments of 5

Additional Attendees

In Increments of 100

Additional Reps Per Booth

In Increments of 5 Additional Reps Per Booth. Mandatory for ALL Booths.

Extend Fair Date

+1 Day

Extend Post-Event

+5 Days

Ticker Tape

Ticker tape announcements will be visible throughout the fair. One-time purchase

Welcome Video

Welcome Video In Lobby or Registration. One Video per activation

Video CV

Unlimited Video CVs. One time purchase


Unlimited Video CVs. One time purchase

Live Visitor Counter

Live Visitor Counter at booth. Applies to all booth.

Pre-Event Marketing E-mails

Talk to our team.

In-Event Surveys

Talk to our team.

Additional Training for Exhibitors

For up to 1.5hrs

In-Event Surveys

Talk to our team.


Talk to our team.


Talk to our team.

Custom Development

Talk to our team.