5 ways to make your video CV stand out

Most established virtual career fair platforms have an option for job candidates to create a Video introduction to help stand out to employers.  

Here are 5 tips on how to make an impactful Video CV: 

1) Have a plan 

Before recording your video, consider a few bullet points of what you want to highlight: 

  • Quick Intro 
  • My career ambitions 
  • Projects I have worked on 
  • My working style 
  • Friendly ‘sign-off’

2) Keep it concise 

You have 60 seconds to make an impression. Consider what is important and keep your presentation to-the-point but friendly! Avoid “ums”, “ahs”, “like” type fillers 

3) Dress for success 

Treat your Video CV as the first 60 seconds of an inperson interview. Your presentation should be as though you were filming this in the employers’ offices. 

4) Practise & Re-record 

You can delete and re-record as many times as you need so make sure your Video CV is as ‘you’ as possible! 

5) Last but not least, Smile! 

Impressions are made in the first few seconds. Introducing yourself with a “hello!” and a smile makes your video more welcoming to employers. 

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